Thursday, September 9, 2010

FlySchooling :)

Well, it worked! FlySchooling worked! DD is doing great so far. It's only the first week, but we haven't been late once. She is always happy to be going. She enjoys her day and can't wait to tell us all about it. So it looks like as long as I keep up with the checklist for DD we should be good. I haven't made any adjustments but I think I may. She seems to be "not hungry" in the morning. Don't know if she's too excited or what. She ends up eating about half her breakfast then doing everything else on the list and ending off with eating some more while watching kid shows.

FLYing - Going not bad. I decided that things are pretty good around the house. I've been working at doing some cleaning but skipping the Zone stuff for the most part. I really want to work on the basement/disaster zone. So today, I took my vacuum down the stairs, working on them while I went, and started vacuuming down there. Nothing is finished so it's quite messy. There seems to be webs and dust bunnies everywhere. :P Hopefully no more appear before I get back down there to do some more. LOL

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