Friday, March 22, 2013

One more collection in the making

Nerd Wars can be so inspiring sometimes. Right now we're in Round 2 of Tournament 7. One of the challenges for this Round is about architecture. When trying to come up with an item to craft for this challenge, my mind was drawn to the fabulous architecture I once studied for my Classical Studies degree - Greek columns.

This new project as led me on another designing adventure for one for collection. Not sure of the title yet, but it will all be inspired by the Ancient Greeks and Romans I studied in university. The patterns that develop will be based on their architecture, apparel, writings, etc.

Pictures of my first project will be coming soon. I haven't had a chance to photograph the wrap yet. Watch for it! :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Struggling with Designing...

I really love designing new projects. It's fun to see my ideas in my head come out on paper and then onto the needles and a finished yarn-y goodness. But sometimes it is a real struggle to get to the completed project.

Like this week, I started a new cowl design. It was inspired by a Nerd Wars challenge about architecture. I have always loved Greek architecture and had the motivation to come up with something related to it. So, in honour of the Corinthian columns, I started a rib and leaf cowl. The material pattern is great but the actual size of the cowl isn't working quite right. With two kids in tow (it's March Break), I made a quick run to my LYS. I decided I needed a second skein of the bulky yarn I'm working with. Unfortunately there wasn't any match for the red I have so I got another blue that matched the one I have at home.

So, I'm off to frog and restart the cowl yet again. At least I can make the edits I want now rather than waiting till next time.

Do you design? Do you struggle with it? What issues have you run into? Is it worth all the work? 

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Castle Collection: Alexis' Hat - Completed

I'm so excited!!! The hat is done. :)

From this...

To this...

Isn't it awesome?!? I just love it!! :D

My first knit through was definitely too large but my guessed adjustments were right on the money. A few people are going to test knit it as well as make a crochet version. Pattern will be coming soon. :)