Friday, August 17, 2012

Making Baby... Knits

Alright, before anyone gets excited... we are NOT having any more babies. LOL We have a daughter and a son, and that is enough for us. The reason I'm talking baby knits is I've been doing up some things for babies lately.

I forgot how fun it was to craft little things for wee ones. For each of my kids, I knitted a white blanket for them while I was pregnant with them. Afterwards I've mostly just made them hats for the winter months. I was never into making sweaters, and booties, and pants, and bibs, and... When they were small, I figured they would grow out of them too fast so why bother? A blanket was good and way more practical. Sometimes I wish I had more small things for my darlings but then I also didn't have much time for knitting then. I was happy to get a hat made before it got too cold or they outgrew it.

But now I've got friends having babies and more time to knit so I've added a few baby items to my never ending WIP. (There are so many WIPs, I haven't even updated my list, just trying to knock them off.) I'm hoping to get better at writing down my patterns so that I will be able to publish some, or at least be able to knit them again. ;)

Do you do that? Do you loose patterns that you make up? I recently got a larger notebook so that I can write my patterns in it after I've knit something up. I usually make notes in a tiny little book (like what line I'm on) but it's really not enough space for writing out a pattern. Hopefully that will organize things a little bit more. And I'm working at typing them up more often too. I've got a great publishing program. Just need to use it.

For those that have been commenting on my blog, honestly, I didn't notice until today. I keep forgetting to check that email address the notes go to. I will try to be better at seeing them and responding when you do. Thank you for writing to me. And thank you for reading my blog. :)

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