Friday, March 8, 2013

Struggling with Designing...

I really love designing new projects. It's fun to see my ideas in my head come out on paper and then onto the needles and a finished yarn-y goodness. But sometimes it is a real struggle to get to the completed project.

Like this week, I started a new cowl design. It was inspired by a Nerd Wars challenge about architecture. I have always loved Greek architecture and had the motivation to come up with something related to it. So, in honour of the Corinthian columns, I started a rib and leaf cowl. The material pattern is great but the actual size of the cowl isn't working quite right. With two kids in tow (it's March Break), I made a quick run to my LYS. I decided I needed a second skein of the bulky yarn I'm working with. Unfortunately there wasn't any match for the red I have so I got another blue that matched the one I have at home.

So, I'm off to frog and restart the cowl yet again. At least I can make the edits I want now rather than waiting till next time.

Do you design? Do you struggle with it? What issues have you run into? Is it worth all the work? 

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