Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cake and wine and all things blogging....

So I'm getting back into this "blog" thing. At least I think I am. I added "Blogs" to my Weekly-To-Do-List and attempting to fit it in. Last night and today, I've spent oodles of time looking at blogs, signing up for new ones, trying to catch up on some, researching stuff to do and post on mine, etc. I have realized that I could get sidelined just doing that. What good is read-ing if there is no do-ing?

Now here I sit with a piece of my fantastic chocolate birthday cake and a glass of red wine so I can write a little bit. What can be better than that? Knitting for sure, but that will have to wait a few minutes. At least till after my cake. ;) It's so nice here right now. The kids are in bed, my husband is out in the garage working on his own hobby (motorcycles), and I sit here in the quiet. I have full control of the remote (not that there's anything on [insert eye-rolling here]). I can hear my own thoughts. I can concentrate and not be interrupted by little voices. How lovely!

Still cruising along on my nephew's afghan. Man, I can't wait to be done! With all the perusing I've done today, I'm jealous of all the fabulous knits that others have been doing. Wish I had more time to do that. Guess that's the life when you've got little kids and trying to work out running your own house. Soon I'll have to be knitting hats and scarves for all the little darlings I know, then maybe a project will be for me. What to make, what to make?!? Time to start a Possible-Project File I think....

Squares for my nephew's afghan (light blue, medium blue, and chocolate brown)

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