Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's here!!! :)

My yarn arrived on Thursday. Been so busy I haven't had a chance to post till now. Anyways, there it is, sitting on my kitchen table. Can you see the gorgeous colour? I love it!!! It's a little lighter weight than I was thinking but I've already started using it. I wound it up and am knitting the two strands together. The pattern I've written is called "The Raspberry Splash Scarf." I was thinking of knitting something that would ruffle around my neck but couldn't work out anything I like. So I've developed a wavy pattern that will give me a "splash" of colour around my neck with my back coat. Can't wait to get the scarf done. Already have about 10 inches knitted and I only start last night after doing a few test swatches.

On another note, I've been knitting away on those hats for the kids. Ended up doing two extra ones. I got my two nephews' ones done in black, waiting for them to come up to get them. I got my daughter's one done too. I did one for my new niece and her big brother too. Still have to do the one for my son but I have to find his snowsuit yet and decide what colour(s) to use for his. I even got two done in one day. It's a fast, easy pattern that's easily adjustable for different size heads. I call it "Kids Ribbed Winter Hat". I could be doing it in different colours too but most people request only one colour each year.

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