Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm becoming a knitting maniac

I got on a role yesterday.... knitted till 1:20AM. Yes that's right. 1:20AM! Good grief! What was I thinking??? I got wrapped up knitting and catching up on some blogs. It was fun reading but I can't believe I stayed up that late. Only realized it was that late as Hubby came in from the garage.

So the knitting craze continues. Took my knitting to my in-laws' house today and knitted while I visited. And I did a bunch more after coming home, in fact, been knitting most of the day. Don't know how I managed to complete three loads of laundry all the dishes, and cook and eat supper.

Tonight's beverage is another birthday present. It's an enjoyable light choice. Won't be drinking the whole bottle tonight though. ;) Must save more for other nights of enjoyable peace and quiet with the little ones tucked in their beds. It really is my favourite time of day. I can concentrate on whatever I want and not mess up my knitting. There are no interruptions of "Mommy..." or listening to fighting over the toys. It's been a long summer with no afternoon break but school starts again in a couple days and I'll have some time in the afternoon too. Bliss!

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