Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm a wino and I don't care who knows it!

Well, that's not totally true. ;) lol

Hubby got this bag as part of a gift from work last year. I've got a pile of "cloth" bags and haven't known what to do with them all. One day I was looking for something to put my knitting in - too many projects and they each need their own bag. While going through my cloth bags, I came across the LCBO bag. Did you know it's perfect for a knitting project that has a few skeins? It will hold 6 perfectly in it's bottle dividers. The bag is also stiff so it's easier to get the yarn out of it with no part of the bag flopping over the skeins. FABULOUS!

As well, I have been looking for more opportunities to knit. I have lots of projects I want to get finished and new ones I would like to try (got inspired by other knitters' blogs). So this morning I took my LCBO bag with me to the pool and knitted while my daughter had her lesson. Was nice to sit there and be productive while I don't have my son to keep me busy. Guess it will be traveling with me from now on.

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