Monday, September 5, 2011


There's a little yarn shop (LYS) on the way to my WalMart (as if I own one lol). I pass it every Wednesday, twice, and still haven't ventured inside. I really want to but I'm afraid I'll spend too much money, or find something new to work on instead of my nephew's afghan, or that my son will make too much of a mess (as I always take him shopping with me). One of these days though, I will work up the courage to venture inside and find some gorgeous yarn and a pattern to knit something up just for me. One day.

As for my nephew's afghan, I don't think I can get it finished in time for Christmas. I seem to knit about one square a day but still have around 120 to do, plus sewing the whole thing together. Oi! Will press on, at least till I get some new yarn. ;)

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