Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Knit Year!

Hope everyone enjoyed there New Year celebrations. Hubby and I didn't do much. Didn't even stay up too late. Felt like a regular night around here other than watching the ball drop on the TV.

So a new year brings new knitting projects... at least I hope so. I'm making a Knit Resolution to get as many as my UFO's completed soon. By the end of January would be nice but I think that's pushing it. My other Knit Resolution is to find some new projects to try. I have been thinking about making a stuffed cat for my son. He loves the show Toopy and Binoo, especially Binoo. I think I should be able to make a Binoo. I've already found some stuffed animal patterns online and I think I can edit them enough to make one look like Binoo. Also have an afghan plan in the works for my daughter. She has a favourite hockey team and a favourite football team. I think I should be able to do squares up in the two themes and sew them together back to back. Still need to work it all out but it's coming together in my head so far.

Any Knit Resolutions for you? Hope 2012 is a great Knit Year for all of us. :)

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