Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas presents - to make or not to make

Lots of crafters seem to debate whether to make Christmas gifts or not. I'm never sure either. lol For most of my friends, I tend to give them a tin of goodies I make each year. It's a lovely little something that doesn't cost too much but let's them know they are important to me. Last year, I added in little Angels I knitted for a few people. I found the pattern a little too late to make as many as I would have liked.

Now this year, I wasn't sure what to do again. I've decided to make a few toys for the kids in my life (my own and their cousins). But do I make anything else? I still don't know. I think it will end up on how much time I've got between now and then. I have some Christmas Hot Pads that I've designed that I want to try out and have a few friends who will test knit them for me as well.

As I'm getting into this knitting adventure, I've realized that I should be planning these things farther ahead. So far I've been just designing and knitting as things come up. But I need to get better at this so that I'm working ahead and have things ready intime for what comes up.

How about you? Are you crafting presents? Are you done yet? Do you think you've made your list too long?


  1. Hi! I've definitely made my list too long! I have a pretty big family too so, while I'm not knitting for all of them, plenty of people will get lovely hand knit items, hopefully not still on their needles on Christmas day. Good luck with your Christmas knits!