Friday, November 16, 2012

Yarn-filled Weekends

I do spend a lot of my "free" time knitting since it is one of my favourite things to do. But the weekends are the best. I seem to find extra time to knit. I don't have to go anywhere usually so that saves a lot of time and makes for more clicking of my needles. I don't take on any big tasks around the house either. I get pretty much all my cleaning done during the week that leaves just laundry on the weekends. A lot of people don't like doing laundry but it's one of those few tasks around here that a machine does the work for me. I put the first load in the washer, then knit till it's ready to go in the dryer. After the dryer, the getting back to knitting takes a little longer as there is now close to fold, but I'm back in the chair quite quickly.

So I'm glad it's Friday and sending you wishes for a yarn-filled weekend too. Happy crafting!

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