Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Daytime Knit Time Group

I've been a part of a local-to-me knitting group on Ravelry for over a year now. The only time they seem to meet is Friday nights. Unfortunately for me, evenings aren't the best time. Who wants to pay for a babysitter to go to knit night? Or try to convince hubby that he can watch the kids when he needs to relax too?

So the other day, I asked if anyone was interested in joining up during the daytime for some knitting. I was so excited when two girls said they would like to. :D Today we met at my home. How wonderful to get a chance to sit and knit with some other women?!? I've never done that before. Our knitting time wasn't very long but it still felt worthwhile. My LYS offers space to come knit but it's hard to do that with a little boy in tow. I don't get a chance to get out to knit at night with the girls that go there. So this was the perfect opportunity for me. My son eventually shared his toys with another little boy and us women got to knit and chat.

Looking forward to meeting up with them again next week! :D

Do you knit with others or only on your own?

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