Thursday, November 8, 2012

Click-i-ty, click....

Sorry fellow crafters! I've got major click-i-ty, clicking going on but it hasn't been on the computer. It's been on my needles. This is good, of course, because that means my WIPs are getting to be less. But it's bad because I haven't been writing to you. :(

This is such a busy time of year around here. Holidays, birthdays, and preparations for both, along with sickness keeps my time filled. I definitely look forward to January when things slow down and it's just normal routine again. So please forgive my absence from the Web. I do think of you often and hope to figure out how to get here more often.

Here are my two cuties from Halloween night. 
The biker costume cost me $1.00 for the doorag, the rest of the items I had around the house already. The black cat was also another cheap costume. I had to buy the headband and belt to which I attacked ears and tail that I designed and knitted up. Facepaint sticks for the goatee and whiskers cost $2.00. In reality, priceless! The kids loved their costumes and so did the ones handing out the candy because my darlings came home loaded with treats.

More knitting fun to come soon. Some FOs need to be blocked and pics taken. ;)

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