Monday, January 28, 2013

I will have clean dishes... well, maybe. ;)

I haven't had any creative knitting mojo lately so I've been knitting dishcloths, dishcloths, and more dishcloths. Michaels had a sale on recently of the Bernat Cotton and I picked up a few new fun colours. Each skein makes two cloths in the size and pattern I like. I have pretty much used up all my old stock and have tackled a few of the new ones already too.

I like to give the dishcloths away sometimes so I should be all stocked up now for myself and some to save. I knew it was time to make some anyways since I'm down to only a few to use for my dishes and they've got to go soon.

The other reason I haven't started anything new is because a new Nerd Wars Tournament starts on Friday. :) Can't wait! It's always so inspiring. We do have our Alexis' hat to do and I should be done all the figuring for it soon.

What do you craft when you're not sure what to work on? Do you have your favourite stand by project that gets to be a fill in project when you don't have something else to work on?

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