Monday, January 7, 2013

No knitting time...

So big plans for our little family - we're moving. :) Not far but far enough. In the middle of April we'll be moving about 1/2 hour from where we are now. Over the next few months I'll be busy getting ready so I have no idea how much knitting I'll get done. Hopefully there will still be some. I just hope I'm not too tired in the evening to get my needles clicking.

I wasn't sure where to start for knitting with the new year. I had pretty much everything finished up, so I'm redoing my Trinity Cowl. I love the pattern I made but didn't like the size of the actual cowl. It's coming along now. :) I'm trying to make all the cowls one skein wonders. At least so far anyways. I'm excited to see where my patterns will take me. :)

Will post pictures soon. I'm trying to get organized here with all the moving stuff as well as regular life stuff. Should be fun!

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