Saturday, January 12, 2013

New projects....

There's nothing better than a new project, except for maybe buying new yarn for a new project. ;) I've gotten both this week. :D

I was in at my LYS on Wednesday (my son said we should visit the yarn ladies) and picked up two new chunky yarns, one in red and one in white with black bits throughout it. I'm planning on knitting two more Matrix cowls as soon as I get a chance to watch one and get inspired.

And, one of my favourite toy designers posted another test pattern. Of course, I got on top of this right away and get to knit the new pattern. My kids love it when I get a new toy pattern and I love supporting designers I like. Win win for everyone. :)

So there's a few things to get on the needles. Its so nice to have something to do. I was definitely feeling a little lost with the new year and all my projects complete. I've never really had that happen before. I've stopped knitting a few times but it was usually because I was just too busy to knit. (Babies will do that to you.) But this was different. I was out of projects, out of ideas, and out of inspiration.

So happy to be getting my knitting mojo back!

Does this ever happen to you? What do you do to get back into gear?

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